Going Solar and the Tesla Powerwall

Going Solar and the Tesla Powerwall

20 Comments on “Going Solar and the Tesla Powerwall”

  1. I don't believe one word of the claim they'll give 95% after 25 years. I'm also very doubtful about this solution and the actual costs, I have to see it to believe it… which means waiting at least another 5 years, if not longer.

  2. one more less demand in grid power which will play great role in (demand & order) your doing a great favour to all people who use grid power. One more guy who contributes in giving energy to people at lower value.
    thats what you represent
    a good contributor to the society.

  3. Hmnnn.. So basically its like debit & credit and no need to have battery storage. And what happen if your solar produce more power? Are the electric company pay the extra?

  4. I really hope this comes to the Philippines soon. Third world countries like hours would benefit greatly from such technologies. Elon! Get here quick!!! :-p

  5. If it doesn't put a lien on my house great. But, if I can lose my house because I want to go green then forget it.

  6. Solar only works efficiently where there is sun all the time what happens in winter when it snowing – get out the treadle (bicycle) and pedal away to change the batteries? ROFL

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