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20 Comments on “FAREWELL Solar Power… WE’RE GOING ON GRID!”

  1. Guys you live like you want to.
    Don't worry about people.
    If where you are there is not enough Sun that is what happens
    Good luck!!

  2. Honestly, with as much as you use the generator to augment what the solar panels produce, you're already paying a lot for the power you do have. The price per kWh for a generator varies significantly based on fuel costs and maintenance costs, but it generally costs at least 2-3 times as much as buying the same amount of electricity from a utility. I think you're making the right decision. What's unfortunate is how most states are moving to a system which penalizes people who want to integrate solar production into their grid-tied properties.

  3. I knew this decision was coming when I first watched you designing, building, and troubleshooting your system. In spite of your claims, it doesn't have to be that hard. No, I have not lived off grid on solar, but I use solar on a limited basis and for back up when the power goes out. I get a lot done with my small system. My only regret so far is that I have not added a wind generator and more batteries. We have been in our new place for about seven months and I didn't know if wind would be beneficial, but man, since we have been here, I kick myself every time the wind blows and I am not harnessing that power. The wind tends to blow more when it is cloudy or bad weather, and sometimes at night, It fills the gaps of poor sunlight. We have accomplished many projects at our new home, and I use solar power to do as much as I can. I wanted to be off grid and build a small cabin, but my wife didn't, so we compromised and bought a small house on grid, and we are taking measures to ensure we have backups for everything. The house has a wood burning fireplace if the heat pump goes down. We have a well if the grid water is interrupted. We have some solar and are working on expanding it out and will likely add a wind turbine. Then there are the other projects like garden, greenhouse, chickens, fruit and nut trees, etc. As things are now, we could survive a grid down situation, but we have much room for improvement. Grid down would be more difficult and challenging, but we are better prepared than most, in only seven months of effort.

  4. There is only so much time in your life. Perhaps when you have things "setup" you go back to solar with power make up. It makes. Sense

  5. There's a lot of folks around where I live that have driven me away from solar. I used to love the idea of throwing a couple of panels on my roof, maybe rigging up a battery system, and nerding out over how low I can get my electric bill each month. But the people around here (NE Iowa) are so dogmatic about solar that if you even mention that there are drawbacks they attack you for being some kind of world-destroying, child-hating, major-corporation brown-nosing, sack of defecation. "They want so hard for it to work" is definitely true, and, at least in my experience, it's very off-putting.

  6. Ya, pacific northwest isnt known for its sunlight. By me in michigan we got quite a few areas of wind turbines, for the power company. So maybe wind is better there. But if you live in like arizona, then solar all the way. I kind of hate solar in my area as they are proposing a solar farm on 40 acres, and you use that ground and cant farm it. At least with the wind turbines it really allows farmers to keep farming with minimal impact. Only thing is they are huge.

  7. Having power from the grid is called one thing…. progress.  And progress is a good thing. 🙂  Enjoy your life however you wish to live it.

  8. I've lived the solar life on a smaller scale (houseboat). The problem with off grid living is we lack the ability to store the energy we need at a reasonable cost. LIFE batteries are there but cost at least $1K per 100ahr. Running a family home off alternative energy is impossible for the average family. Give it another 10 years for the ultimate battery finally comes of age.

  9. Your property is getting so big it is all getting out of hand. There is nothing simple on what you are doing anymore. Rome wasn't build in a day, and who gives a hoot about what all the 2605 comments are saying. Just relax, take your time, only post to patreon for a while and chill out. You deserve it.

  10. Did they give you a smart meter or an analog meter? With an analog meter you could turn the meter backwards with your solar panels going grid-tied… If it's a smart meter Unfortunately you would need to go with the contract with the utilities to go net metering….
    Even I need a minimum of 2 kw of solar panels (and need of wind turbine during the winter) to run my single person household you had less than that…. you needed 4 kw minium and way bigger battery bank in a warm room…

  11. Hey guys, I just found you channel after a discussion on another channel about homesteader comments.
    So. I just wanted to say that I admire what your two are doing. I am retired now and kinda wish that I had attempted to do what you are doing earlier in my life. Keep up the work you are doing, I find your channel interesting and informative. Thanks

  12. It took one cold hard winter in 1990 for me to realize that living off grid is a ton of work and time is money. Good to have a piece of mind security back up system ready to go for emergency but i don't think solar energy storage capacity is where it needs to be in order for living off grid to be at this point in time to be a reality, at least in my life and on my budget. Thanks for upload.

  13. I always try to live by the "Judge not" way of thinking…lol…try is the main word.
    The solar can still be used to cut the elec. bill…so no big deal…I had a feeling that you would wind up doing that with so few solar panels…just my thought.
    I hope that they don't try to rape you with the cost, I've seen that happen…uuggh.
    I hope you have a great day & be safe.

  14. If u guys wanna go on the grid then go it's our life . U have to live it . If solar was easy then everyone would be doing it ? If someone gets mad cause of something u said or did then so be it . U have to live your life.

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