Europe taking green energy seriously

Europe taking green energy seriously

Meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe shows us how Europe’s new energy projects are mostly green.

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  1. This about Greece isn't exactly false. But it is dishonest. Greece has abandoned Wind for Solar and has become the leader in Solar energy production in Europe, beating all other countries in solar production per capita in just 5 years because solar dropped in price a lot faster than wind and has a bigger return than wind in the areas of Greece that most need new energy installations. It's not like ALL countries should be leaders in wind forever. When a new technology makes sense for a specific region, they should embrace it. Same for other South European countries.

  2. Funnily enough, I was arguing with a right winger earlier who said that the EU abandoned "failed green energy" and went back to coal.

  3. Yes but your synthetic blouse is made from oil and so are the plastic blades of the the wind towers and most of the plastic parts on cars and on and on

  4. in other words more free tax payers money here in America they tried that and it failed its known as the Solyndra incident trust me it was a billion dollar debacle so learn from the us here in the united states that government supports means more taxes on you the law abiding citizen.

  5. The best thing we can do to get off of coal power and other fossil fuels is first go nuclear all over the world with high regulations and possibly military security support and then go solar everywhere houses apartment buildings skyscrapers unused land and then add that to win and Hydro and massive battery backup everywhere and then slowly turn off all nuclear power plants and then disassemble 75% of the nuclear power plants just leaving enough for emergency purposes but still have them off grand total time 25 to 50 years to go from fossil fuel to nuclear pure solar renewable

  6. lol this fails to mention that many Europeans are as upset as citizens of Ontario about their electricity costs

  7. Part of the solution is if the EU understands that they can divy responsibilities of governance. A perk of a United continent is the ability to designate countries by their strengths. Everybody does not have to figure out renewable energy sources if a few countries make enough energy / invest in energy for everyone. Some countries can physically take in all the refugees with contributions / trades from countries that don't have 'room'. A United continent can act as a body would with different organs contributing to the health and well being of the whole. Those closest to the oceans can take on cleanup with contributions (material, wealth, inventions) from landlocked countries. Countries can take on different levels of responsibility and sacrifice depending on the strengths of the particular geography, geology, etc. Understanding Europe as a whole organism requires more work than thinking from just a business or political gain/loss perspective. However, the long term benefits are innumerable. Perhaps United continents is a stepping stone before a United planet of humanity can be achieved

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