Environmentalist Builds Incredible Eco Friendly House

Environmentalist Builds Incredible Eco Friendly House

Tiny houses may be the latest environmentally-friendly trend but one man has taken things a step further – living completely off the grid.

Rob Greenfield is more than five months into his year-long challenge to live without paid-for source of water, gas or electricity.

In his tiny house, the ‘Teeny Greeny’, Rob is completely self-sufficient thanks to a number of helpful habits.

He uses solar panels to collect sunlight for energy, harvests rainwater, composts food scraps and human waste, grows his own food or purchases it locally and creates less rubbish in a week than the average American does in a day.

18 Comments on “Environmentalist Builds Incredible Eco Friendly House”

  1. He did a lot of work to live this way in a city. Most people would just fall into the mortgage trap. But he's living off the land in a eco-friendly way. Good job.

  2. I don't get why so many people are so negative. This is his way of life that is working for him. It doesn't mean he is not allowed to earn money to pay for food or accept help from the community around him. It doesn't mean he only swims in the ocean. There are public places to take baths. It also doesn't mean he has to be able to do this in Russia or anywhere else. This is working for him in this specific time, place and circumstance. He can always adapt if his life changes (kids, girlfriend, etc.)

  3. I appreciate this guy for his strong decision to live an ecofrndly life… I think we will be happy without any particular reason if we are leading a life like this..

  4. He haven't showered in two years! Like I cam understand not putting on cologne and makeup or whatnot but not using soap? I'll probably smell like a homeless person. This is just extreme. You don't need to be this extra just to help save the planet.

  5. Cleaning with leaves and having no shower for two years? It would be so odd to share the swimming pool with you. Sorry bro, but thats really extreme.

  6. Composting your own waste takes years so he would have to collect and store it all for a long time. He mentions he buys food so where does he get money from? He lives on somebody's property so they are housing him. He said he has no bills but that's not true. Food is a bill. You can't live off only food that you grow yourself with that little amount of space it just wouldn't work. This guy is living extremely simple and it is nice but he has help from a neighbor and still has to pay for things. Don't be fooled.

  7. Where did you learn these skills? I want to have a setup like this, but I need to learn so much- permaculture, building etc

  8. and you keep you extrements in your heand. I am an environmentsal biologist and i am tired all frree not economical primitive ecomaniaxs that smell loke goats. GO to hell

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