Energy-Saving Tips Inside Your Home

Energy-Saving Tips Inside Your Home

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There are some simple and easy ways to “green” your home and save energy. David Mizejewski explains what you can do inside.

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  3. This guy makes sense. I don't like unplugging the computer and appliances that have to keep time. Turn off lights when you leave the room. As much as I hate CFL lamps, they do save power. In the winter keep your home a few degrees cooler during the day, or when you are not home. Make sure your windows and doors are well insulated. In the average home its possible to reduce power consumption by at least 30%.

  4. @dan32113 The only thing I can suggest is that you look at the meter everyday and add up the usage (or see what number the meter was on at the start of the period), and compare against your next bill. It seems that at that rate you'd use around 400-500 kwh in the 3 months, so if you get another bill with 2000+ kwh, you could write to the company. Whether it's the bill for the entire flat I don't know.

  5. @TimpBizkit i2ve just started watching the meter, i"ve used 5kwh from tues morning to today thurs midday! so they calim me using 2305kwh through last summer fro 3 months does seem odd! My wateer heater is on a timer, it comes on 3 times a day, morning, afternoon, & evening, so although i have it switched on 24hours a day, it only chrges at those 3 times! As i"ve said i have used 5kwh from tues morning until now! I can"t see how i"ve used so much through TV, cooker, etc.

  6. Look at your electric meter from day to day or calclate the draw from the speed of the wheel. Go around the house and turn things off. 1kw average draw seems to be quite a large amount for just a few lights and a TV. Leaving a desktop computer on adds around 150 watts to the draw. A large fridge freezer around 50 watts. Are your bulbs low energy? Do you have an electric water heater that's on a lot as that it will be costing you a few 100 watts just to keep it hot if it's poorly insulated.

  7. @TimpBizkit i wonder if you can help! does this seem alot of electric use! my electric company in england say i have used 2305kwh between july & october 2010, last year. in the next 3months a similar amount over 2,000 kwh, it seems alot for a 1 bedroom flat that i live in! do you have any idea if this bill is correct? i am being asked to pay £965.79 for 10 months, it seems to much to me! hope you can help. thanks…

  8. Minimise time in the electric shower.
    Keep the fridge freezer in the coldest room or out the back.
    Turn off PC when not in use.
    Use energy saving light bulbs.
    The list is endless.

  9. @omairiqbal889 I think CFL bulbs are bad because they have mercury… once they burn out we'll have a disposal issue. I have all LED bulbs in my house… pretty expensive, but it's what I use.

  10. Washing cold wont clean your clothes if they are dirty, wasting water and soap. New water heaters will not gain sht with extra insulation, mine is cool to the touch, even at 140. Programmable thermostats only save energy if the homeowner knows how to use it, and they leave the house during the day, if you stay home they are worthless. Those things sound good, but that is about it.

  11. its amazing the waste of energy just thru items left on or left on standby. I replaced every light in the house with cfl and now use LED lights instead of conventional for the outdoor decor

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