Do You Need an Automated Welding System?

Once upon a time, at the genesis of the Industrial Revolution, a few Luddites and scaremongers predicted the rise of machines capable of replacing humans at all levels of the labour market. While this certainly hasn’t come to pass, there are situations nowadays where you simply can’t accept the inevitable margin of human error that comes with non-automated systems. There are times when the best person for the job is a machine, and the world of welding is no different. When you consider how risky the process of welding is, and how few skilled welders keep their prices low enough to be affordable to the average client, automated welding becomes an increasingly viable alternative to hiring human welders. You can’t stand in the way of progress, and you simply can’t beat the precision and dexterity of an automated welder.
reliability of automated welding - Do You Need an Automated Welding System?
Automated welding systems are valuable to businesses and clients alike for several reasons. Their reliability far exceeds that of even master welders, and well-made, properly maintained automation equipment won’t get sick or married, requiring time away from work. The reliability and longevity of an automated welding system are compounded by the automated equipment provider you choose to work with. When you’re selecting your automated welder, make sure to work with a business that provides support and service solutions to its clients, so that in the event of your equipment breaking down or suffering some other issue, you’ll have qualified technicians available to get you back to work as soon as possible.
Automated Welders Don’t Get Tired
Welding isn’t exactly a relaxing activity. It’s hard, sweaty, laborious work, and it’s difficult for even the world’s greatest welders to deliver the same high quality of service over long periods of time. Tired welders make mistakes and can injure themselves horrendously, but this issue does not exist for automated welding equipment. Automated welders deliver consistent results over and over again, with the same cut time and quality of weld for each and every project. This will reduce your overall project downtime, saving you money, and, by not exhausting your workers, maximise the safety of your workplace and all those who dwell within it.
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Your automated welding equipment also offers efficiency. The best welding systems are designed to be economical with the wire they use while applying the wire with superior speed and accuracy. These welding machines don’t use more wire than is absolutely necessary, saving you money on resources and creating a more efficient workspace. The best welding system designers incorporate cameras with their quality control and diagnostic systems to monitor the performance of your welding system, making it easy to diagnose any faults and fix them in a timely manner.
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Automated welding provides you with an efficient, cost-effective means of completing your welding projects without putting anybody’s health or safety at risk. Make sure you work with a provider that will give you ongoing support with the use of its equipment, as well as strict diagnostic quality control to ensure the continued viability of your automated welding system.

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