DIY Tesla Powerwall – Solar storage 18650 lithium ion home Battery

DIY Tesla Powerwall - Solar storage 18650 lithium ion home Battery

DIY Tesla Powerwall – Solar storage 18650 lithium ion home Battery
So I got my frist order of Tesla Battery Packs today for my DIY Tesla Powerwall of off grid solar storage.

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  1. Very instructive however I don't understand why people spend a lot of money on charges controllers poor inverters and many other useless things, I investigate for around two years what's better and more efficient solar power system and realize that for all money I'd spend on those things I can buy a real and professional equipment,so when I put it together the SMA sunny boy and the SMA sunny island ,or out back redian I don't need changers controllers and any other things, run all my hose including a big air conditioner 2 refrigerators 3, 55" TV ,1 42" TV ,video games ,just like when I use the power company, I make no changes a all ,mostly my battery is fully charged between 8 am and 12:30 or 1 pm because the high efficiency when use 500 volts from PV panels is around 97% almost no loses,believe me you'll eventually spend almost the same money for many other reasons,for a sample midnight classic is around $800 ,I paid $800 for brand new 8000 watts SMA inverter and programmed it for off grid systems,after many tests and see the performance I'll no spend more money on those no NET standards inverters.

  2. please invest in a better multimeter that is not glitching out, last thing tyou want is for it to suddenly die on you and you're touching live current when it says it wasn't.

    and it's nice to have an accurate voltage rather than a guess

  3. Sweet……..! Beautiful package you have their buddy. This is really cool to see how it performs.
    Keep the videos coming and thanks for sharing.

  4. Is cost really worth it. At 6 battery at 1500 each. So pack runs 9,000 so say 6000 getting a deal and mean a deal on a battery pack. I seen Volt battery being used at 580 a battery pack which seems more pocket friendly. I know you get what you pay for but for cost can set up a lead acid battery system for half that or a big system. Space is less a plus battery life better a plus on lithium battery. Guess my question is tesla battery all that for cost verse going old way. Unless get a hook up on battery.

  5. How hot is it in your area during the summer and how cold in the winter?? If you do not need to cool the batteries then you may well need to heat them in winter.

  6. Looks great. If these are the 58v nominal, I bought 8 of the same batteries packs. I cant wait to see how you set yours up.

  7. Really wish you'd discuss cost – that's the #1 concern for most people. Solar is cool. Powerwalls are cool. But if prices remain ridiculous, what's the point? And since you have so much wind, why not a lot more turbines?

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