DIY Solar: Simple, cost-effective battery charging

DIY Solar: Simple, cost-effective battery charging

In this video I’m emphasizing a safe, cost-effective way to charge deep cycle batteries with a solar panel. Please remember battery and electrical safety (batteries discharge dangerous gasses while being charged) by consulting the National Electric Code (NEC) and other sources before constructing your own system.

As I mentioned in this video, you should be able to scrounge together a similarly capable system for under 0 (in 2012 dollars…) – for the Charge controller, for a battery, maybe 0 for a good panel, and another for wire and a fuse.

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  1. I am working on a few systems, I live in the Philippines and electricity is off a lot here. anyway I have 8 100 watt panels, 3 100ahr batts, 50 amp mppt controller/charger 2500 watt pure sine wave inverter, still need a lot more, its a project in the works. Solar is so damn expensive if you want to run stuff like large ref and deep freezer. got l.e.d. lights inside and outside also connected. It is nice to do something positive for the planet as well as I just like electricity.

  2. Hi Rodger, Davie EI4KL / SN5DX here. I found your video looking into solar charging a deep cycle battery . My idea would be to operate in the middle of nowhere where this is no electric supply. My concern is that if the panel is operative it would cause noise / EMI when im receiving . What are your thoughts on this concern ?

  3. you can buy anderson plugs like you got (100 pack) for $12 on ebay. non genuine types but i found they are better than genuine.

  4. I'm all for using solar energy for generating electricity. However, in very-small-scale cases such as yours I'm not sure what releases more carbon into the atmosphere. Burning coal to produce the equivalent amount of electricity to what you produce using your setup, or producing the solar panel, battery, wires, connectors, transporting these to your house etc.

  5. Hi roger I'm phillip. I'm working on solar for my channel now. and I would like to invite you to see it as I see your working on solar also. please come to see my channel. I am sure you will like it

  6. Hello Roger,
    I work in farmers market selling my meat specialties. I make hams and other cured meats specialties. I sell in 5 outdoor farmers markets and i need to power my meat slicer with a deep cicle battery and I am willing to charge it either with solar and traditional electric source. Am I investigating the right options for my needs? Thank you.

  7. can you power a room lamp 5 hours a day 30 days

    a lab top 5 hours a day 30 days 

    100 watt tv 4 hours…a day 

  8. how would i measure the amount of amps going into the batteries from the solar panel would i just simply put a multimeter in series with one wire or do i have to do it another way?

  9. I finished my 1st DYI solar panel a few days ago and it's been raining or highly cloudy every day now.  It's ok CO needs the water though.  🙂 

  10. Since I don't try to completely deplete my batteries I can usually recharge them in one day of full, overhead summer sunlight. It can take almost three days for the same performance in winter…

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