DIY Solar Panel System: Components, Cost & Savings

DIY Solar Panel System: Components, Cost & Savings

Here I share with you every component I use for my DIY solar panel system, where you can buy it and how much I paid. I cover my solar panels, wiring, solar panel charge controller, DC/AC inverter, ANL fuses, Kill-A-Watt meter, 6 Volt golf car batteries, basically every component that you will need to build your own DIY solar panel system and save money.

– Grape Solar 250 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel

– BZ 500 MPPT500 Watt PV Charge Controller

– 6Volt Rayovac Ultra Pro Golf Car Battery

– Samlex PST-150S-24A 1500-watt 24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter
– Battery Tender 24 Volt Battery Charger
– Battery Saver Desulfator

– 24″ Starter to Switch Battery Cable

– 6 AWG Multi Strand Copper Wire, 60 Feet

– 4’x8′ 1/2″ Plywood for Battery Box
– 2-1/2 in. Polypropylene Wheel Swivel Plate Caster

– KIll-A-Watt Meter

– 35 Watt & 200 Watt Fuses

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  1. Produces maximum, 5 kilowatts a day. USA average cost, $ 0.15 per 1 Kw/hour.
    Produces a year, 5 Kw * 365 days = 1825 Kw/year
    Value of electric a year, 1825 Kw * $ 0.15 = $ 274/year. Project cost, $4720.
    Minimum time to breakeven, $ 4720 √∑ $ 274 = 17.23 years (17 years, 3 months).

  2. Good video. Why would you spend all this time and money and NOT use the system? To me that is a waste of resources. If you don't keep those batteries charged and cycling they are going to go bad too. What is your reason for using it ONLY when the "grid" is down? I don't get it.

  3. You know that battery's can go up to 1,250 amp hours and you have 9 of these battery's they can supply more then 5 days. I'm not try to tell you how to run your channel. But I just what to make sure you have everf power for everything I know this is an old video but just a thought

  4. Great video. I stumbled upon an interesting site ( that offers free instant quotes, referrals, and a free app to design systems, found it very helpful. You have to register to get access to the free app so you can save your work, but worth it.

  5. Good concept shopping around for wire…. One of the best battery wire supply stores I have found in Canada is Princess Auto.. Kind of Canada's version of Harbour Freight. The other option that is best for heavy gauge wire that usually holds the best current is Welding Supply Stores. They tend to HAVE to HAVE good ground wire for welding. No messing around with welding supply stores or welders will flip out. Usually it's reasonably priced and some of the better copper wire you'll find.

  6. "male to male" power cords are a sign of a clueless newbie. It's good you have a transfer box but if you ever forget to switch this you could end up killing a lineman. You should permanently wire this to a transfer box.

  7. SO lets say I pay 180.00 MONTH¬†ELECTRIC bill what is my savings to off set cost…and how long before it pays off.. so I can eat again..thanks dirt poor

  8. A couple of questions:
    Why are the panels up against the side of the structure (house)?
    Why not purchase some RED 6 Gauge wire since polarity is important?

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