DIY Solar Garden Light Hack – Solar Battery Charger

DIY Solar Garden Light Hack - Solar Battery Charger

Make a solar battery charger using some dollar store path lights. Using 4 cheap dollar store garden lights you can make a very good solar AA or AAA battery charger for one or two batteries.

This is a simple solar garden light hack which gives you a decent solar charger worth about if you were to buy it retail.

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  1. Why did you make a charger for just 2 batteries? I thought the problem that you were trying to solve was you wanted to charge 3 batteries at the same time.

  2. Why not run all the cells through one charger unit? That would protect the batteries and reduce the risk of fire. I would think those circuit boards could take the current, although some measurements would be handy.

  3. The reason why he cut out the original circuit board, is because those circuit boards in the Garden light also control when the LED lights Turn On or Off, depending on the Sun. When Sun is up, the voltage is high, and LED light turn off. When the Sun is down, voltage coming into Solar Panel is gone, and LED lights Turn On , automatically. So, the best thing is to cut off those circuit boards and replace them with Zener Diodes for Voltage regulators. Search Zener Diodes, 5v or 6v. The cut off power when Battery is charged to a certain voltage.

  4. Great Solar recharging panel. Two thumbs up. Don't worry about the detractors. These batteries never explode. I have made a school car project, using the similar technique, Walmart Store $1 Solar panels for Garden LED lights. I used the germanic Diode. The Batteries utilized were similar miniature AAA 1.2 V. They powered the little car, and car charged under the Sun. It ran great. Thanks for the project.

  5. I make medical batteries and take many apart to put new cells inside. I have seen thousands and never saw one that had exploded. There were many that had gotten so hot that they deformed extremely and literally melted to the case. These are large batteries,lead acid mostly,some being 2 ft long. So a good size with mucho energy. Way more than a little 600ma rechargable. Dont worry be happy.

  6. Each little panel usually produces around 20mA at best, so you are looking at 80mA (but I would say around 70mA on average).
    So if you have a single 1000mAh AA battery then it will take 14+ hours to charge.
    But it is interesting trying to re purpose these small panels, it's a fun thing to do. It could be handy for charging those 300mAh AA batteries in timely fashion.

  7. I have questions I`m not into electronics I starting to learn after I`v seen your video ,  I believe in your case u have to take the batteries out when they are charged to 1,5 vold manually what happens if u live on all day the batteries will explode or inside the battery will be burned out after it has no usage of these batteries but my shop bought garden solar lights are on everyday n nothing happens to battery is it bcoz they might have electronic cut offs after they r full charged?

  8. Funny, stumbled on this after making my own similar project. I joined 6 lengths of Harbor Freight solar rope lights, and make a 6 piece solar panel with the cells taken from each rope light, that now charges six 1900mah AA Eneloop cells in parallel. The original cells were as yours, 600mah, but were AA, not AAA. The low charge rate coming out of these solar cells should help the batteries last a very long time.

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