DIY Solar Battery Charger for Ebike or E-skateboard

DIY Solar Battery Charger for Ebike or E-skateboard

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18 Comments on “DIY Solar Battery Charger for Ebike or E-skateboard”

  1. Your link for the amazon dc to DC cc-cv converter goes to a 900 watt NC converter. This high wattage is not really needed for a 100-200 watt solar panel, is it?

  2. I was expecting to see you using an mppt charger instead of a plain boost converter. MPPTs use a solar panel much more effectively.

  3. Yeeeaahhh… high expectations on the DIY Solar Power book, I just bought one =]
    I have 3 copies of the DIY Lithium Batteries book, great content, I am always lending to friends and they end up buying their own book, awesome content and reference material even for experienced builders.
    I am glad to be your friend hahaha.. so much Solar POWEEEEEERR ohh yeaahh =]

  4. Hi their I watched your video very interesting but I have a question I have a scooter style Ebike that takes lead acid batteries can the DC to DC boost converter charge 48v 20ah lead acid batteries with a small 5 watt solar panel thanks !!!

  5. Having a hard time understanding the connection setup from the solar panel to dc-dc converter or (MPPT) and then to Li battery. Please explain.

  6. Ok if I build a battery for 36v 500w brushless motor 25 amp Controller the battery should match to get most out of speed which would be around 14 ah battery 10s 5p @2.9ah cell . So is it correct for me to assume a higher ah battery would give more speed and range …

  7. I have copies of your other two books. This new book looks great.
    Does it tell you how to install solar power to run your whole house ?

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