DIY Off Grid Solar- The Battery Box and Safety

DIY Off Grid Solar- The Battery Box and Safety

Safety is the most often overlooked aspect of any DIY project. It’s usually an afterthought at best, but something with this much power and potential for property destruction and injury, it should be at the forefront. Join us as we run through the things you need to be concerned with in your DIY Off Grid Solar System, the battery box and safety items. Have you just stumbled across this video?

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  1. Dude, I hope your brother-in-law doesn't see this. Haha! I guess he's prob too lazy to do anything. Awesome video series! This series should be on every solar website, and blog.

  2. what about a different battery sounds dangerous what about the jel ones and others can you avoid the issue also I must keep batteries inside Mojave desert to hot but gets cold Hello watched all videos and hit all links.

  3. This is the video that I needed the most with regards to fuses and grounding. Your explanations really bring this home and make it easy to understand. I have a similar setup that I'm doing but almost exactly double the size you did. I will have to in cooperate a junction box since I have 4 panels but in two strings coming in. If my panels are roughly 20-25' away from my batteries can my junction box be inside my building or best to be close to the panels?

  4. It looks like your solid grounding wire here comes into the disconnect box from the bottom. I assume that it is connected to the grounding lug that comes with the box. Is that the case and does it terminate there or continue on? Thanks for a great video series.

  5. Hello great video series! Should the fuse coming out of the charge controller be the same size as the fuse going in? I think it would be, but just wanted your input. My setup will be using a 30 amp pwm charge controller. Thanks!

  6. Cod you have 2 ground rods at your house now? I've heard to beware of of a phenomenon called circulating ground current for this reason. Why not tie to your home's pre-existing ground rod instead of installing a second?

  7. I purchased the same breaker box in your video. Question on the wiring: did you send the array black (negative) wire to the right bus bar and the array red (positive) wire to the 15A breaker? If so, I was planning to use the terminal at the top left (of the breaker) to continue on to the disconnect box.

  8. seriously… I have watched dozens DIY solar system setup videos and you my far are the best so far. you're funny you're efficient you're knowledgeable and he speak to us less technical people in a way that we can understand. thank you

  9. I have two duracell 12v marine batteries wired up in parallel. can i safely add 2 6v golf cart batteries wired in parallel with these two 12v batteries?

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