Designing a Solar Powered Backup Power Source for a listener.

Designing a Solar Powered Backup Power Source for a listener

A listener requested to explain how to install a solar powered backup power system for his future home in Guyana. The commercial power is quite unreliable and he wants this system for both back up purposes and to save some money (if possible).

We look at some solar power basics then dive into:
– Calculating your loads and why efficiency is so important
– Picking a solar panel – what do all the numbers mean?
– How should I wire the panels? Series, Parallel, or some combination?
– Why use batteries, and how many of what type?
– What’s a charge controller and why use one? What does MPPT mean?
– How to get 120 volts AC for your appliances from DC? All about inverters.
– A summation including an alternate design using just batteries, a charger, inverter and some electrical gear.
– And countless other details, hints and kinks!
Always get a permit before doing any electrical work and get it inspected! Follow all codes and don’t cut corners! The host takes no liability for your actions – verify all statements on your own.

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  1. Not a great video, because you are using the STC values rather than the PTC rating, and even using that, you still have to worry about the Heat in Guyana (I live here and have solar panels on 2 trackers) and electrical inefficiencies, along with that it also depends on the brand how good they are, there's some really cheap chinese brands selling here rather expensive
    In short to get that 800Watts/hr you better buy 2kw in panels to cover you when there's rain as well

  2. for making your batteries last you should have a discharge somewhere around 20 to 35 percent capacity.
    so if you have a solar system panels 3000 w you should have a battery bank somewhere around 9000 w capacity, this imply to have a charger with this capacity, but a inverter with 3000 w capacity

  3. If you look at your daily power budget, you will see that the LEDs you talked about are not significant. He could easily have half his LEDs on at a time and it makes essentially no difference. That way, he just needs a switch per room or area, and a bright room would have more than 2 of those LEDs at a time. Perhaps you like being in the dark, but there is no need.

  4. Solar install DIY for about 6000-6500 kWh capable (standard for an upstate NY home in zone 3 [?]) requires about 30-35 modern solar panels. The mounting, charge controller, battery bank, wiring, code permits, etc. can be had for under $6000 IMHO. The racket is the installer market. It's not that solar is expensive. It's the installation where 4 guys over two days with 50-55% rebate makes the system just a complete rip off. I mean materials are $6000 (2017) and cost of system is $19,000 in labor?! Where you basically are giving ALL of the rebate money to the installer and you still have to eat double the cost which is $6000 (total of $12K for our system quote) after all is said in done. The system is crooked and the labor is not honest. DIY -> 50 hours of labor (one guy) w/ certification as a license electrician …. I'd gladly pay THAT GUY $3000 for the week to help me do the install and I'm still fucking ahead of these con-men. We are in a time of snake oil energy, and material costs is spot on but the equity in free market is just fucking us over. It's deregulated and as long as you have a license from the right folks you can charge whatever the fuck you want up in New York (and elsewhere).

  5. Sir, we need system not to be supposed that we are decreasing lights air cons etc. can you design the system for that calculation you calculated at the start of the video.

  6. your listener is not realistic, he's asking someone who doesn't know about Guyana or where it is to build a solar system , the water pump is to fill one or two 450 gal drums, and no, Guyana is near the sea we have lots of wind, I will use wind turbine generator or both, you are so off the sun is hot and shines from about 10 am to approximately 5pm

  7. am i furgurine this right my kilowat hours for 31 days is 2153 if i divide it by 31 days 70 kilowat hours per days how many panels would i need

  8. Why does everyone think that cranking background music while they are talking on video is a good thing? Can the music, this isn't MTV videos your making people!

  9. Usually see idiots who claim to be genius…Refreshing to see someone who knows a bit, without claiming to be able to explain the universe….

  10. To say that solar is "green" is pretty much a lie because it takes energy and raw materials to build the system and in the end, there is waste and spent components to recycle due to the fact that nothing lasts forever. Keep in mind; there hasn't been an honest debate about the differences between solar and conventional electricity.

  11. Praise God
    This is a great work , all I needed to know is what you have given
    May God bless you more so we can have from you when needed.
    Any way, as I said all is clear but I need you to specify on the inverter , talking about 4kwh consumption, do I need a 4kw inverter or less.
    God bless you

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