Construction of the Largest Wind Farm in Southeast Asia

Construction of the Largest Wind Farm in Southeast Asia

A timelapse documentation prepared for Energy Development Corporation (EDC). However, this presentation represents the author’s own edit. It is not the approved version of EDC.

Featuring 50 units of Vestas V90 3MW wind turbines. Commissioned last November 5, 2014. The estimated cost for the construction of the wind farm was US0 million.

Coverage commenced from the arrival of turbine components last October 2013, with the blades, nacelles and tower segments arriving at Omnico Port, Ilocos Norte. These parts were later transferred to Burgos through barging. Significant stages of the construction were covered: from Foundation Preparation up to Tower Erection.

Hundreds of thousand still shots taken using CANON 5D Mark3 with various Canon lenses. It also utilized a proprietary Long-Term Timelapse set with a camera in a metal enclosure shooting continuously at location.

20 Comments on “Construction of the Largest Wind Farm in Southeast Asia”

  1. The largest construction project in the world is the Tar Sands in Alberta. It is an indirect subsidy to the fuel and chemical industry. The cancer rates of the people in the surrounding area is 80%, and these are cancers with incubation rates of 25 to 30 years. They are advising people to not eat fish or wildlife from the province. Entire flocks of waterfowl have been killed when they land on waste ponds. Corporate Whores from the fossil fuel industry say wind is subsidized? Unsubsidized offshore nad onshore wind is the cheapest electricity. Payback on $ and enerty is within two years. There is no paybac for any fossil fuels. Good video, inspirational.

  2. rất thích xem điện gió, và rất muốn làm việc ở đây, ở quê mình Dliyang củng đang xây dựng 1 trang trại. nhưng tỉ lệ trúng tuyển là rât thấp để phuc vụ cho quê hương

  3. wind power is the msot idiot. form to generate power… is expensive. not working!!!!! Nuclear power is the response.

  4. It's disturbing to see environmentalists praising the sheer scale of construction projects. They have been drinking a new kind of kool-aid. Wind power has little to do with honest environmentalism, and it's doing very little to offset carbon when you study total energy use, including how these things get built. Open your eyes, people.

  5. Except when the weather is freezing, then you need the coal plant. The amount of fossil fuels used in the production, construction and maintenance makes it so that the oil companies come out smiling and the taxpayers subsidize. Anything the government subsidizes is because the private sector (investor) sees no promise in a return on investment. The worse offender is ethanol..but if it makes you feel green while being stupid, then keep propagating.

  6. I came here because I realized I hadn't actually seen turbines in operation, actually spinning. (There aren't any near me. I'd only ever seen photographs.) And now I'm adding this to my favorites. This was really exciting. A lot of work went into artfully and exhaustively recording a lot of work by everyone involved in the construction of this plant. Huge congratulations and thank you for helping the world move to vastly improved energy technology.

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