Concentrating Solar Power Sparks Jobs, Technology, Investment in Morocco

Concentrating Solar Power Sparks Jobs, Technology, Investment in Morocco

Concentrating Solar Power, CSP, is huge in Morocco. Literally, it’s huge. Panels almost the size of tennis courts stretch across acres of desert at the 4 Noor plants in Ouarzazate, providing enough power to light up Marrakesh at night. Learn how it’s done, what it means to the Moroccan economy and how it can be an attractive option for other countries in the region.

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  1. nuclear is the future. not this high maintenance crap with more potential for worker accidents than coal and hydro power combined. Not to mention, what are you going to do on a cloudy day? 0 output.


  3. This is very expensive energy. And unreliable, intermittent. With 3 hrs storage it may supply energy for 1/2 the day, they still need energy the other 1/2 the day, especially in the evening. So $1.2B for a lousy 143 MW net peak. At a hopeful CF of 25% that's $33k per kw of avg electricity. That is even more costly than expensive solar PV.

    Instead they could have built four 1.4GW APR-1400 Nuclear Reactors from South Korea for $20B like the UAE is doing. That's $4.0k per kw avg electricity, only 12% the cost per unit energy of the solar. Sufficient to supply 100% of Morocco's electricity supply, 24/7, night/day, summer/winter, sandstorm/calm/volcanic eruption, no need to export or storage. And twice the land area of the lousy 143MWe solar plant for 160X the electricity. That's zero CO2 electricity, much cleaner than the solar. And they can use the waste heat from the reactors for desalination of seawater, utilizing surplus nighttime electricity & heat.

  4. It is really great. Hopefully it's not only at Morocco but all of the world can obtain such amazing CSP. The more people who are care to this Earth the more sustainable it will be. Go 2020. Very Inspiring..

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