Completely Solar Powered Off the Grid Cabin

Completely Solar Powered Off the Grid Cabin

1800 Watt Solar System for an Off the Grid Cabin

15 Comments on “Completely Solar Powered Off the Grid Cabin”

  1. Multiple strings of batteries are generally a bad idea. Plan on upgrading to a forklift battery, you will end up there eventually. I went from rv batteries to golf cart, to L16s to forklift… should have started with forklift. 21 years offgrid here. Why are you not catching rainwater? You have a giant roof…

  2. nice, well done new subscriber here. I will be doing something similar soon. best of luck and will follow your progress.

  3. Big Test if the solar system can handle the Air Conditioner over a hot summer like day. Which it did, the charge controller and inverter got a little hot, but they worked the way they were supposed to. Once the batteries got to float charge mode the controller was maintaining a 1000volt 30 amp to compensate for the Air Conditioner. Will have to get a low voltage fan to blow sure across the inverter and charge controller as a safety measure.

  4. Nice setup… is your inverter working for you?…I just got one exactly like yours but haven't hooked it up yet….

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