Coleman (aka SunForce): 2.5w Solar Power 12v Battery Maintainer/Charger

Coleman (aka SunForce): 2.5w Solar Power 12v Battery Maintainer/Charger

Weak car/motorcycle battery, phantom discharge or failing alternator? As a ban-aid solution you could try a solar maintainer to help prevent battery from dying. Also use it as a preventative measures to keep good batteries topped up. The Solar Maintainer (rebranded SunForce) I got is weather & shatter proof. Comes with a cigarette adapter, alligator clamp and o-ring connectors with a fuse. Hook through cigarette port or directly to the battery.

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  1. MORE POWER!!! 2 Watt and 2.5 Watt Solar panels.
     Use a volt meter across the + and – and get a reading in full sun. Any reading below 13.5 Volts and 12.0 Volts WILL NOT maintain Or Charge a battery. You need OWN this solar panel know it inside and out.
    Blue blinking Light is a LED with a Resistor and if it has a Blue blinking LED its 100% Maintainer. This means it gets a tiny Pulse of Electricity each time it blinks. THAT is a maintainer and NOT a full Voc ( Open volt current ) solar panel.
    To reach a FULL VoC you must open up the solar panel and cut the LED Post in half. Now the solar panel is unlocked. You will get full power of what ever this panel can produce. It goes from a trickle charger to a very weak low amp Solar panel. Now test the Voltage across the + and – with a volt meter while aiming it at full sun. There is your Power.
     I own the 2 watt version of this. I will be disassembling the unit as my volt meter fluctuates. I have a sneaking suspicion this too also has an internal resistor type circuit in it. I WILL be removing that also. Side note a 2 watt panel cannot do much. It cannot over charge a 12 volt battery. There simply is not enough power.
    Most panels Voc like these read 23Voc and when they are connected to a load like… anything Battery, light, it drops the voltage way down to 14 to 13.5 Volts and that my friend can charge a 12 volt battery… sorta and slowly. Note panels over 15watts will require a charge controller. They Produce enough power to over charge a battery!
     If anyone smarter then me can rewrite this and clean it up in a REPLY do so thanks.

    P.S. If there is no single blocking diode inside the panel… YES this panel will drain your battery when the sun is down! Now GET a Blocking DIODE! =P

  2. I have a question: do I have to unplug the battery from the 12V DC socket in the vehicle when it becomes dark? Or is it safe to leave it plugged until I start the car? I did not see any blue light blinking though the socket in my car stays live when the car is turned off. Could somebody please comment on this?

  3. I was just searching online whether my 2011 mazda 3 has an always on cigarette lighter, until I saw your video and recognized the dash!
    I know you said the maintainer isn't for charging, but have you ever tried leaving it in starting from a dead battery? my car battery is completely flat after a few months of sitting in the parking lot.

  4. For the record, that's not glass. The glass types are the ones that break too often. Those are the ones you should avoid.

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