China Leaving United States Behind On Green Energy Jobs

China Leaving United States Behind On Green Energy Jobs | On Assignment with Richard Engel | MSNBC

Richard Engel looks at how countries like India are pushing for a greener future, and China is leading the way in wind and solar manufacturing and the jobs that come with it, while Donald Trump holds the U.S. back with a focus on coal.

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  1. Strategic Fooyou Agency comrade´╝îyou're so hard! Please go on with what you're doing and don't let us interrupt you.

  2. Republican support for the Kochs who bought them keeps us on our race to the bottom. Now their tax bill to feed the Kochs will finish off the country for good.

  3. The Chines government have lots of bases around African countries more than have in any other continent in the world because they know will be there biggest customer more any other continent. Remember this year 2039 the year China became a superpower.

  4. Always ignore the hateful attitude and rude behavior of people. Trolls are powerless without your response.

  5. Renewable energy is the future regardless of our opinion on it. americans need to quit fighting it and focus on being the best at it.
    something that is constant in life is change and change can not be stopped.
    Change can be braked but not stopped because sooner or later change will come.
    American politicians do not care about the usa or the environment, but they represent banking families and the big companies, and therefore usa has difficulty in embracing the emerging economy that is based on renewable energy.

  6. The reason why the US does not invest in renewable energy is because the dollar and the US economy depend on dirty energy oil gas and coal.
    usa can not live forever on oil gas and coal and a beautiful day, Americans will realize that one has to leave the old world and invest in the new economy based on solar wind and water energy.
    The dollar will not be the world-leading currency in the near future, because the new economy that is now growing all over the world is not dependent on oil gas and coal but on renewable energy.
    as i see it the dollar has no future as a world leading currency.

  7. These "3rd world countries" are going to leave us (choking) in our own dust…Why? Ask the Koch Brothers and Robert Murray.

  8. The politicians in Washington are very complicated. But eventualy they will increase the solar plants, because with the electric cars US will need much more electricity. US and the rest of the world. And the world will really need a lot of electricity for the cars. Because they spend a lot of it.

  9. If this around a 100 years ago Trump would be arguing that the US should support the industry behind horse drawn vehicles over combustion engine powered cars and trucks. If Trump had been around during the American Civil War, Trump would have supported the manufacture of bow and arrows over guns and cannons. Its a sad indictment on education that a serial bankrupt who inherited his money from his fathers business acumen was elected over someone for all their flaws who had served decades in governance and who was supremely qualified for the job over a man most noted for stiffing over small businessmen who were unlucky to do work for a low life. Its been worked out that if Trump had just left his inherited money to gain interest he'd now be worth more than the highest amount he's ever claimed to be worth and all without bankruptcies and without stiffing small family businesses and investors big and small.

  10. it is good someone is paying to do the research when there is a good system developed then all you have to do is copy it

  11. China plans and implements in stages beneficial projects both within and around the world. America goes around waving their guns to force others to accept their values which are constantly degrading in a rapid rate. Sickening!

  12. Immagine if every country went solar and green energy instead of gas except US. No one will need oil anymore except for weapons. US will be so broke if that happens.

  13. Safe to say that my country (Nepal) produces 99.49 percent by renewable methods mainly Hydropower

  14. What WE are doing is allowing Oil and Coal Barons to protect their profits at the cost of our future. China is the future.

  15. Good for India and China for being smart! We in the U.S. are fools and we will pay the price for that idiocy. Such a waste. We could have led the world in this new green economy but we are fools. I'm happy for China and India. Maybe they will lead the way and we will eventually follow…if we wise up.

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