Car Batteries For Solar?

Car Batteries For Solar?

Most of us have been tempted to use a car battery with a solar panel. Is it a good idea or not?

We will discuss why a car battery or starter battery does not make a good battery for solar. Yes they are cheap and you can find them at most hardware stores and all automotive stores. But there is a reason why they are good for cars and not much else.

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  1. is ok, example, Hitachi car battery have 2 years warranty, if the Car battery is dead you can claim a new one from the seller, that mean you can use it more than 2 years

  2. Reading the comments, I see that you are dead sure that a car battery shouldn't be discharged more than 10% without ruining it. Let me ask a question…. What makes you so sure of that? I suspect it's because someone told you. Convince me. I am not trying to be a jerk, but rather, to know.

  3. In UK all batteries have Ah rating but I have just bought 2 massive truck batteries as an example they are 225Ah & 1150cca and able to start the largest of truck engines but are also deep cycle. As a side note won't the cca be useful for surge loads on things like AC through big inverters?

  4. LDS Reliance – I better get a Costco card. I didn't realize they sold GC batteries that cheap. Thank you for the tip on that. I will make the switch over time. I enjoy your videos and appreciate your knowledge. I subscribed – Harold

  5. OMG a bunch of people that are not EE's. They believe what they have been told and don't know the difference. What is really funny is a deep cycle LA battery isn't what the label says it is. Really, can you blame them?
    Here is what everyone needs to know. DON"T USE A LEAD ACID BATTERY FOR ANYTHING, but maybe starting your car engine. Ever hear of an Edison battery? They aren't made today because they last too long. The ones that were made a hundred years ago are still working today.

  6. I'm a fan of car batteries for the following reasons: I can purchase load tested used ones at the wrecking yard for $25.95 plus tax on their 40% off day sale. That includes the $10 core charge if I don't have one to turn in. I buy group 24 and 27 sizes because that's what they usually have. I'll grab a 31 if I see one. I have 600 watts of Renogy mono panels for charging my 10 battery bank and after 2 years I've only had one battery give out. It runs my fridge, microwave, TV, lights and PC and some other stuff just fine. It's only my opinion, but I believe my way is the most cost effective way. $260 for 10 batteries is hard to beat

  7. master ,My home run with wind turbine and solar for almost 5 years and my all bank battery is car one ,the mean I'm lucky to use with out any problems ???

  8. I think car batteries are changing. Just bought a new one and all the options had Ah In the specification. I'm sure you're right about what is best for solar but most people will try a car battery for their first trial system. The problem with solar for the last 20 years plus is that the cost of storage of power was never factored into the overall cost.

  9. There is a difference between a car battery and a deep cell battery, deep cell batts are made to last and made better, but when it comes to discharge and cycles (number of times it is recharged) quantity is much better than quality! Buy twice as many car batteries as you need and you will never drain your batteries down bellow 12.4 volts!

  10. That's not the best advice….. I use 4- 100 ah deep cell batteries with 3 – 315-watt panels and a 78amp MPPT controller set at 12vdc, I need another 6 batteries to be fully efficient.

    Here's my point, if you have 15, 20 or 30 car batteries laying around, ignore the advice on this video, I have ran plain old car batteries on my boat for lights and a bilge pump for weeks at a time without recharging and never had any problems, my 100ah deep cycle AGM batteries cost $280 each, by the time I have added another 6 batteries to my bank I will have spent $2,800 and they will have reached their half-life; I could have bought 20 $50.00 car batteries for a third of overall cost without ever allowing them drain bellow 12.4 vdc, the maximum my MPPT controller allows is 11.9 volts before it shuts down.

    The real issue to consider is amp hours in quantity, not deep cell vs. car battery. (20- 35ah batteries is always better than 4- 100ah batteries)

  11. What you will not hear any one tell you is how it can be done. A car battery can be used on a sunny day with plenty of sunshine with solar and solar charge controller. If you want to do work and not pay for it on a sunny day and you have a 30 watts solar panel and a car battery a small inverter you will get away with some light work. I have drilled, solder with 12 volts DC soldering iron and used a dremmel and hot glue gun on a sunny day. I understand what he is saying , however do not condemn the car battery. Not everyone is rich . While your car is charging your battery you use your car battery for various devices.

  12. It's OK if you want to tinker with it.
    They will not last.Not designed for it at all.
    A used one is especially a bad choice.
    I went with deep cycle gel cell 12 V. ones and they work OK. Zero maintenance.No gassing.
    I cut the load off @ 12.0 volts to protect them.
    Yes,I have a 2 farad cap that does help.
    I should have bought a larger one! Maybe (2) 6 farad ones,when my A/C kicks in.
    There are breakers and fuses all over my system.
    Use FAT wire.
    Dave in Seattle.

  13. How does one determine the amp hour rating needed for a system? (I'll be using one 100w panel to run a small water pump for a dutch bucket hydro system)

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