Can You Use Tesla Batteries For Off Grid Solar? 18650 DIY Powerwall Lithium Ion Home Battery

Can You Use Tesla Batteries For Off Grid Solar? 18650 DIY Powerwall Lithium Ion Home Battery

20 Comments on “Can You Use Tesla Batteries For Off Grid Solar? 18650 DIY Powerwall Lithium Ion Home Battery”

  1. what are you smoking? your not using the same definition of capasity to compare SLA vs. LI-ON. max voltage to 0 zero? or max dowd to "safe/factory spec"

  2. I'm confused on your channel. I just happen to see this. How many channels do you have. Either the homestead channel is dead or I got unsubbed as I haven't seen a video on that one in ages

  3. I have 2 Sunny Island SI 5048 and 1 Sunny Boy SB8000US plus 18 KW Mercedes B. Lithium battery, compare it's with L.A battery is spencer and no matter what you never use more that 50 or 60% energy because the inverter can't work property below 42 volts also you need BMS system otherwise the battery will unbalance and destroy cells by cells and make the battery useless

  4. So the million dollar question is did you spend more then $6600 on your inverter batteries and charge controller?

  5. Hey, awesome videos of this setup! Question ? Can you series and parelle 2 of these 24v 250am packs? To make one 48v 500ah solar bank? One 24kw bank ? Any idea if this is possible and what issues might be with it?

  6. Great video, quick question, where did you set your volts in your charge controller, your max volt and minimum volt?

  7. Hi, thank you for this, I am using a Tesla ModelS 24V, 250Ah, 5.3kWh, I can't find any 48 volts tesla battery, where you got it? thanks

  8. I commend you on knowing the difference between kW and kWh… in a lot of these other DIY powerwall videos I've seen, the guys don't really use the right terminology to describe their system and its both frustrating and confusing. Even though this video wasn't incredibly in-depth, I think I learned more about your system in 10 minutes than from watching hours of other people struggle through explaining "how many amps does a kWh use".

  9. These are NOT Tesla batteries. They are smart car batteries made by Panasonic. You may want to try mounting them with a bus bar rather than wire. These have a passive bms you can use as a close loop system to shut off once it arrive at a maximum and minimum charge which your charge controller will do anyway.
    Another point is that those modules have about 4.4 kwh each (3300 milliamps x 4.2 peak=13.86×333 cells) So Panasonic only counts usable Watts in the 18kwh rating for the entire battery.

  10. Hey. Dumb question. Li-ion batteries have problems with thermal runaway.

    And you've got a lot of flammable materials around that battery.

    What're your plans and precautions for this?

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