Bienna 30000mAh Solar Chargers External Battery Pack REVIEW

Bienna 30000mAh Solar Chargers External Battery Pack REVIEW

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– 2 ports: 1A & 2.1A, charges my phones and tablet perfectly fine
– Build in LED light with flashing mode
– Handle elements like a champ, no problem in rain.
– 30k mAh is overrated. IT’s best 15-18K mAh
– Surprisingly lightweight because it’s probably not 30k capacity:)
– 2W panel takes a while to charge battery pack

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20 Comments on “Bienna 30000mAh Solar Chargers External Battery Pack REVIEW”

  1. I have 3 and I often use them as lamp all night…work great really electric saver but not sure about best as charger…

  2. if you tap into your cell phone battery you can add more cells in parrallel like i have my lg g5 comes with a 2.7 Ah battery but now it is 30 Ah.
    with normal use it lasts over 3 weeks before needing to be recharged. the phones battery percent is also more accurate as the additional cells have much lower resistances.

  3. thank you for the video , so the number 30000 is not what it dose can you tell me wich one can do better on holding charge and solar charge faster ?
    Thank you

  4. so I have this and it won't charge my phone, and when I check how much power it has it blinks all 4 lights…someone help me.

  5. I bought two of these a few days ago and they’re COMPLETE garbage! They came with a partial charge and was able to charge my phone twice but that’s it. I left them both in the window of my house all day to charge (9 hours) and I got absolutely no charge whatsoever. Don’t waste your time or money with these.

  6. In reality it's only 5000mah and now 30,000 why do they lie? because all the chinks are pieces of shit and their products are fucking shit.

  7. Just bought one of these and it is absolutely awful!! I got a half charge on my iPhone 7 plus!! Waste of money, glad it wasn't much.

  8. this products fails, works 2-3months, but usb ports fails, overheating, etc., the idea is verygood, but is a product for lighter uses.

  9. What I would like to see is them combining solar panel technology with heat/cold charging, that way it charges significantly faster. I hope they come out with a battery bank like that

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