Best Battery for Solar PV systems

Best Battery for Solar PV systems

The best battery for Solar PV systems is explored. There are a wide variety of batteries in the market, each suited for a particular application.
For solar PV systems mostly car cranking battery is used which is the worst possible choice for that application. In the developing world truck batteries are used for higher storage capacity which again is a poor option.
Another battery that is making waves is the saltwater battery which is also examined in this video.

Cheapest Lithium Ion batteries:

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  1. You forgot to mention the traction cells like for forklift trucks for example the PzS. These batteries are relatively cheap and you can get everywhere plus these batteries are made for many cycles. With an airlift system and a central filling system they do not need much maintenance. Only make sure you have enough ventilation

  2. No the best is the "Edison cell" in theory with regular maintenance about every 25 Years, (could last 1,000 years) need to get them in the 2 part case with bolted in plates so you can do the maintenance: I use the Nickel-Iron style

  3. In general terms regarding flooded batteries. They have more charge cycles than either AGM or Gel. Plus, you can actually maintain them as they are not sealed. One of the most popular is the Trojan t-105 re

  4. Sir, I went through most of your videos, I must say you deliver the information in detail and the graphics you use to explain are clear and awesome. Super likes. Please tell me how I can connect with you for more details.

  5. 🙂 Those Aquion are the worst option even compared with deep cycle Lead Acid. LiFePO4 is best option for offgrid stationary solar energy storage and that is what I used for the last few years.
    Look closely at the spec of Aquion to see how inefficient the charge discharge cycle is and because of the low discharge rate usable you need a hugely oversized battery that will lead to high amortization cost over the life time of the system.

  6. Another option is the Lead Carbon battery (PbC) offered by Axion power.  It uses AGM technology but integrates an activated carbon negative electrode which is more porous than the traditional Lead equivalent.  This allows the battery to accept a higher rate of charge, deeper discharge and partial state of charge, while offering some self leveling benefits as well.  The battery is estimated to support 3,500 cycles and is offered for around $1,100/kwh with a projected life expectancy of 8 years.  The company is Axion Power out of Newcastle PA.

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