Battery – Solar Battery Options

Battery - Solar Battery Options

Review some of the best practices for battery selection.
Note: This video is not intended to speak negatively / discourage the use of Interstate Batteries. It is a best practice video for a successful system. As we suggest to out of state customers is the best battery you can get “locally” in your area is the Interstate 6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries which are easy to obtain at any Interstate Battery Dealer in your area, or if you are a member of “Costco” stores they have a complete selection of Interstate Batteries at the best pricing. I personally have Interstate Batteries in my car and truck but not in my Solar System, they are a great brand but their 12 volt line of “car, marine, rv and boat deep cycle batteries” will hinder your solar storage abilities.

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  1. Great Question – I am limited on space so I will try to answer your question the best I can . You can also call us anytime. For a standard PWM controller you will have to set it at the 12V / 24V or 48V settings. You will need to match your battery bank to the voltage. You will need a MPPT charge controller if you want to step down voltages to a lower level. If you are using 2 volt batteries you will need 6 of them for a 12 volt system, 12 of them for a 24v system and 24 of them for a 48v sy

  2. So….If your wind PMA puts out 12/24 or 24/28 volts, what's the minimum number of 6 or 2 volt batteries required to start setting up battery storage, and how do you step down the voltage to charge the batteries ? Thanks

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