Are solar chargers worth it?? (with charge test)

Are solar chargers worth it?? (with charge test)

Solar chargers are dope, but are they worth it??

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  1. I want one. My address is 7910 Kelpie dr. 34668 port richey FL. If you can't give me that, please just send me something please. Lol

  2. in Saudi Arabia this is extremely useful we have 365 sunny days lol,  I guess turning solar would be the next goal !

  3. I bought a 2 panel from Harbor Freight. It fried my phone. Don't go cheap, and if you do, charge a battery bank, not your phone.

  4. U said loads of variables inc prob not exactly half an hour that was 1 variable you could have controlled….doh.

  5. It appears people view solar electricity as weaker electricity than regular power
    "out of the wall". Can't blame them with so many crap solar products. This seems like an exception.

  6. Its worth it if there is no power anywhere.
    Solar power banks are outclassed by regular power banks on almost every aspect, but when you need power and there is none, these are epic.

  7. Mate 2.4amps is 2.4amps whether it's "out of the wall" or solar. If you didn't do the test in full clear sunlight it is invalid for peak ability testing to know if they are worth it. Average bright conditions with a bit of sun 1amp isn't bad but I wanted to know if they produce thier rated power in full sun. If they do they would be "worth it"

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