Amazing Eco-Friendly Technology That Will Change The World

Amazing Eco-Friendly Technology That Will Change The World

Top 10 environmentally friendly “Green” innovations and inventions that will help our planet earth create less pollution.

With a World population of over seven billion people, a reliance on limited non-renewable resources and an environment which is getting more polluted each year, being environmentally or eco-friendly is becoming increasingly important. Every day we are bombarded with messages about air and water pollution. We are constantly reminded about our carbon footprint and the fact that global warming is slowly altering the environment we live in. From movies to politics, our relationship with the environment is a topic which is gaining importance with each passing year. Our response to this issue started slowly, but has accelerated dramatically over the past few years. If we don’t adjust our lifestyle and become more eco-friendly then we may end up destroying the very environment we live in.
The environmental challenges we face aren’t new. For the last few decades we have incorporated more eco-friendly technologies and practices into our lifestyles as a way of using less energy and creating a smaller carbon footprint. Appliances are more energy efficient, cars produce fewer emissions, more households recycle their waste instead of sending it to the landfill – these are just a few of the many technologies and practices that have helped make us more eco-friendly. It doesn’t stop there, however. People around the world are constantly developing and promoting an array of goods and services meant to aid us in our everyday lives while also helping us to live in harmony with our environment.
In the past, being eco-friendly was equated with changing one’s lifestyle in a dramatic fashion. You gave up your car for a bike, took your household off the power grid and relied on the ‘outside’ world as little as possible for your daily needs. Times have indeed changed a lot. Today, eco-friendly lifestyles are encouraged and those trying to have a positive impact on the environment are encouraged to be involved with the larger community. Solar panels can help you create your own electricity, but the surplus ‘clean’ energy they produce can be put back into the power grid for other people to use. Hybrid and electric cars no longer mean the automobile is an enemy of the environment and a range of eco-friendly products mean our consumer culture is on a greener path.
This video contains examples of eco-friendly technologies which will change the world we live in. For the most part these innovations are the result of years or decades of development and improvements to existing technologies. The result are products which are now efficient and affordable enough to be used on a larger scale than previously possible. On the one hand, as you’ll see, some of these innovations will directly affect our personal lives on a daily basis by impacting such things as energy efficiency and health. Alternatively, there are technologies which focus on powering towns and cities, feeding the world’s population and reducing potentially toxic landfill waste. What these technologies all have in common is that they are eco-friendly and benefit both humans and the environment we rely so much on.

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  1. Tesla Batteries are not disposable so when they break it causes acid and more pollution, also they blow up easier they are not convenient and if it blows up the batteries gas and acid is toxic to everything!!

  2. there is one of those Cellphone ATMs in walmart, just for the fun of it i a couple of months ago i put my phone info, Samsung Galaxy s6 edge new and it offered $63.00 … thats just stupid

  3. why isn t the wifi led thing in here? the solar panels for that will replace the streets, and much more

  4. Wind Turbines aren't ugly.
    Second of all, Ocean Turbines could disturb wildlife.
    Any fish that swims by or a daring person (Not Wildlife, just a swimmer) decides to go through?
    It/He/She could be hurt badly!

  5. Of course, the ocean turbines may disturb some of the ocean life. I'd rather cage the wind turbines.

  6. Don't click Read more
    You are a rebel, i like you

  7. I once saw a video where it said a scientist invented a car that uses no fuel but he was assassinated by oil company

  8. LED lamps are hard to recycle. Much of the power supply can't be recycled at all.
    Helios solar panel is only good if you're willing to sit somewhere for an hour an a half to charge an unspecified sized battery without using the phone itself.
    Solar shingles are a joke, by far. They produce (Apollo II specs) 60W / 5.5sqft vs (Astronergy ASM6612P-315) 315W per 21 sqft. For solar shingles to get the same power, at least 6 shingles are needed or 33 sq ft.
    Teslas are nice but producing Li-Ion batteries is a really messy job. Lots of leftover caustic materials.
    Car got jacked because there's a massive hole where there shouldn't be.
    Information sales are on the rise, I see. WMD your phone, people.
    Wind Turbines are a lot prettier than coal plants AND they can be placed in the ocean! Let's put a turbine in the ocean where so much non-moving things get coated in mineral deposits and coral and moving things get even more coated. It's ingenious.
    Vertical farming isn't remotely recent nor is vertical hydroponics. The cost is very high, however. The maintenance is tedious as well since one disease will ruin the entire farm because of the shared water.

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