A Guide For How Solar Panels Actually Work

Have you ever seen solar panels on someone’s house? Normally, these are Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels which uses sunlight to generate power for the home. Maybe you understand the basic concept of what the panels or designed to do, but exactly how does it work?
The Photoelectric Effect Produces Energy
A solar panel uses the photoelectric effect to produce the energy that powers your home. Certain materials react to the sunlight and energy is created by the exposure.
solar panels actually work - A Guide For How Solar Panels Actually Work
Solar cells react to the rays of the sun and can produce a small amount of power. The cells are placed on a framework called a panel or module. It takes many cells strung together in order to draw in enough electricity to be of use in your house.
How Are Solar Panels Made?
Inside of each cell, there are layers of silicon crystal. These materials are stacked together similar to that of a sandwich. Each layer has a different purpose in order to receive the sunlight and convert it into energy.
The top layer has to be treated so that it has too many electrons, so that it will need to get rid of the excess. The bottom layer is treated in a way that it has holes to fill with electrons and can absorb what the top layer is getting rid of.
Once the light hits the top layer, the electrons are energized to move around. The electrons move from the top to the bottom which creates electricity. Then, an inverter made of metal has to be used in order to convert the reactions into a usable energy source.
light hits the - A Guide For How Solar Panels Actually Work
This clean energy source has a limitless supply, because the sun sends enough photons to the earth every hour that could potentially meet all of the power needs across the globe. It is a source that is worth investing in.

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