8100 Watt Solar Power System

8100 Watt Solar Power System

Another Hybrid battery backup system. If you would like a quote for a solar system for your home or business let us know. Our systems take into account many variables that will allow you to “survive

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  1. I think you need to rethink LifonFi Batteries and super Cap Hybrids. Long term cost verses of power yields should give you a different view?

  2. the iadea is amazing and eco freandly but iwant to ask you how much cost you all this ? the price of panels and the other gadets you need to install whole system to keep it runing well ??

  3. Inquiry: Could the panels, charge controller and inverter survive an electromagnetic pulse, like one deliberately brought from an enemy force? Could it survive a coronal mass ejection?

  4. Hey Engineer are you located in FL? I have more than this setup but the county wants to fuck me over! if you are in Florida do you think you can help?

  5. Wonder what kind of cash for this? What kind of system to run ac, washer, dryer, etc., in a 800-1,000 sq. ft. cabin? Using mini appliances, etc…….Trying to learn about this….I wonder if there are any good books written on all of this?

  6. Nice, besides the fact utilities are backtracking big time, should be thinking about going off-grid, now…

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