8 Eco Furniture Buying Tips

Sometimes our wants to live an eco-friendly existence can be challenging with regards to attempting to brighten up our homes. If you have kids, pets or any other family members in your house then you need to make certain new furniture you’re buying is protected. What does “eco-friendly furniture” even mean? Well, the solution quite a bit of various things. We have collected a fast listing of ways that furniture could be eco-friendly and what you could search for when you are going to supplment your furniture collection. Because you will find a wide variety of elements which will make a piece of furniture eco-friendly, you will want to determine what the most crucial factors for the family are:
Choose only licensed wood
Search for pieces constructed with wood that’s licensed through the Forest Stewardship Council (also referred to as FSC). Which will imply that the wood originated from a forest where it had been gathered with strong ecological, social, and economic performance standards.
Choose bamboo
Bamboo is fast growing and frequently does not require pesticide sprays.
Search for reclaimed or recycled materials
Reclaimed materials could be wood, metal, even some plastics. You will find a large amount of stylish-searching furniture constructed of materials that was once another thing!
Buy vintage
Purchasing vintage could be eco-friendly because no new materials or energy entered creating it! Just make certain the initial material it’s constructed of is not toxic to start with. Keep in mind that furniture made prior to the year 1978 could contain lead-based paint or finishes.
Choose recyclable materials
Materials like metal and glass can frequently be utilized from recycled materials or eventually recycled themselves.
Purchase from local sources
Selecting furniture which has been produced by local producers could be eco-friendly because it does not need to travel lengthy distances to get at you.
Avoid VOC’s
You need to bother about stains, glues, paints along with other finishes, which could contain toxic chemicals that off-gas to your indoor air. Opt for paints and stains which are water-based, and search for finishes that say low or no VOC.
Use that which you have
Possibly probably the most eco-friendly furniture choice is not to acquire anything new whatsoever, and focus on redecorating with pieces you have by rearranging, refinishing or revamping. Stay updated in a few days for part two within our eco-friendly furniture series, where we’ll share a lot of our favorite eco-friendly furniture companies. And inform us what the most crucial eco-factors that you search for when purchasing furniture are.

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