7 UNBELIEVABLE Solar Powered Creations

7 UNBELIEVABLE Solar Powered Creations

Check out these seven crazy solar creations………

1.”Pure Tension” Volvo pavilion http://bit.ly/2bB9Iat
2.MS Tûranor PlanetSolar http://www.planetsolar.ch/# ,
3.Hot air Baloon http://bit.ly/2aRUOv0 , http://bit.ly/2cN9bzm
4.GoSun Ovens http://www.gosunstove.com/collections/solar-ovens
5.Solar reserve http://www.solarreserve.com/en/
6.Solar Impulse https://www.solarimpulse.com/
7.Rawlemon Solar http://www.rawlemon.com/

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Wade Hutson

Bob Darling http://goo.gl/4IQQjB

BaerTaffy https://goo.gl/dWg1cn

Robert Jackton
Gismoxan Nazarov

Severe Tire Damage by Incompetech

20 Comments on “7 UNBELIEVABLE Solar Powered Creations”

  1. "will solar ever catch up to fossil fuels?"
    You do know that the fossil fuels are just converted sun energy from millions of years ago and stored underground, right? 😉

  2. The rawlemon solar system is interesting, but they can reduce the cost by using a water lens, rather than glass. That may reduce the cost of construction. But it's a cool design. Solar has to win because we are running out of oil.

  3. yah yah people that microwave, that marble, that plane, that ship are really a thing.

    that marble really impress me. lets forget about primitive fosil fuel

  4. The solar reserve and gosun cooker should be the same cause I just seen a report on tv saying the mirrors that heat the salt are cooking birds that fly through the solar path. They call them " streakers" cause the poor basterd birds are leaving smoke streaks before they crash and die.

  5. a concerted effort by government, citizens, and industry, could easily combine renewable resources, such as wind ocean waves and solar to surpass fossil fuels in a decade. the question is, are we willing?

  6. Here's an idea. Take a Hummer, put a lunchbox-sized molten salt reactor under the hood. Surround it with coolant and radiation shielding. Have it constantly running to charge capacitors. When they run out, pull over and let it charge. The problem with solar is the panels are toxic to make. Think CO2 is bad? Check out the waste from these panels. Nuclear is like a saint by comparison.

  7. The last one…. Mark my words. That will become the death ray one day. Mount one big enough to an orbiting satellite, and ZAP!

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