600 watt RV Solar Power System Explained in-depth with tips and tricks

600 watt RV Solar Power System Explained in-depth with tips and tricks

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  1. Hi will what would you say about me getting a RV to live in a the moment I live in a shelter and I need my own place would u recommend that I get a RV to live in am 55 year old woman

  2. Can't have too many solar panels, especially if you're mobile. Over paneling is critical to good battery health for full timers. Too little and you're forever conserving electricity or buying new batteries.

  3. nice to see ya will i guess somehow i got unsubscribed from you so i was just literally on a binge of watching all your videos for the past 6 months. Really enjoyed them good work!!

  4. Nice videos Will… I spent half the weekend going back and reviewing your life story videos. you've come a long way 🙂 Can you possibly create a video explaining the difference between lithium ion and phosphate batteries for RV's and the pro's/cons of each? Thanks in advance.

  5. I use to think you were a young smart kid that thinks you know everything. But, I watched more of your vids and now I am a subscriber. I find your vids to be really good. Much better than the other vids that tells people how to live out in the deserts. The people that put out those vids constantly complain about needing down time and for people not to invade their privacy. Why? That is a job for them. I feel you do these vids to really help people since you get less than a hundred dollars a month from U Tube. Great your books are doing good. So, from an old fart, keep doing what you are doing; you do a great job.

  6. Love this video. Missed watching your videos. Love how you explain things for basic people like myself. Mich respect

  7. How many batteries can you have for your solar set up. Is there a safety limit and does more batteries mean more power/longer duration use?

  8. When I put a solar panel on my RV, I used sickaflex. Not sure I would trust tape alone. And mounting the solar panels to the corner brackets, I drilled holes through the bracket and the solar panel side. Then used bolts & nuts to tighten together. But this was done before I even put them on the roof with sickaflex.

  9. the lith system will charge much faster for winter.
    make or buy a small bank and experiment?, you wont go back.
    dig the new wheels.

  10. Don't cut wires at same length, stagger the cuts at different length so they can never touch even when bare, also heat shrink will look nicer even if you mess it up a little, way better solution… too bad you have this mismatch mix of panels otherwise i would go to the max series input voltage MPPT can take (100Voc, 75V for your MPPT), what is your current input voltage to the MPPT?

  11. Will, do you use a pure or modified sine wave inverter and do you think the price premium is worth it in regards to the pure sine wave inverter for someone who uses sensitive electronics more often?

  12. Good job! I bet the residents near you love the free lectures… If that's a regular parking place then there's no excuse for those people to not have basic solar panel/wiring knowledge, lol. Still waiting on another Q&A if you decide to do it..

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