6 Mistakes Australians Make When Buying Solar

6 Mistakes Australians Make When Buying Solar

SolarQuotes has been running for 7 years now – and in that time, I’ve seen Australians make the same mistakes when buying solar PV systems.

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  1. For Darwin, Au. it is good idea to put solar panels on 4 sides of roof. For Hobart, Au. 3 sides on roof, north is the number 1 and both east west is good. In USA, we do the solar mostly onto south side of roof.

  2. I like this video "you aren't idiots, you just aren't educated on the subject, you don't have to be… just ask the right questions and please use common sense… wwhile you're at it, go for a second opinion and she'll be right!

    Basically like any other purchasing decision, you aren't a jack of all trades foreman that is an architect engineer in his downtime, so you probably won't know how to build a house… if you are then in 6 months time the technological leaps would leave you behind in at least one of your fields… still best to get a second opinion if you're unsure on how to build your house

  3. I am in the solar industry . There was some absolute sharks out there when the industry first started . People were robbed .

  4. Why are you Only speaking of Grid Tie systems – Are private or portable solar systems illegal there? You can build really nice DIY solar generators these days, or buy something like GridEraser. If your not troubled by zoning, air conditioning heating, refrigeration, hot running water, waste disposal systems, cooking and lighting and more can all be done with No electricity to lessen your load you'll only need to charge your cell phones and your internet.

  5. Never put panels on your roof. Water condenses from the panels and causes moisture problems. It also makes replacing the roof difficult and more expensive. Never use batteries unless you have too. They are ridiculously expensive and don't last long. With the amount of energy contained in a battery bank I would never put them in a house. I returned home several times to find one cell failed and was seriously overheating.

  6. Well done! Bloody good advice that’s easy to understand and it’s from an Aussie! Thanks so much, I can’t wait to forward this to a friend who needs it. Thanks mate.

  7. I had my 5kW system installed in 2010 and am receiving 68 cents per kwh from AGL. Have confirmed that AGL will continue to pay at 68 cents until 2024. I have not had to pay any electricity bill since installation. I was $10,000 out of pocket for this system, plus they got the $10,000 gov rebate, I was called an idiot by all my smarter friends who now continually complain about the price of electricity. Best $10,000 I ever spent.

  8. given that the "buy back" per KWhr by the energy co's is so small, why are you still pushing grid tie over battery storage?

  9. not worth getting it waste of money its ok when u get rebate back at $0.40 to .060 but now its like $0.04-0.08c
    you dont save much

  10. Don’t buy solopower its a complete waste of money. Stay on the grid if possible. Ive recently paid $4600 for solapower off Solahart PYL LTD in Australia and my bill went up, its a scam most the companies are owned by the ROTHSCHILD family. Save your money if you can possibly can and go on holidays with the money instead.

  11. Don’t buy solar power Australians. It’s just cost me $4600 & my electricity bill went up $55. Save your money. It’s a huge scam set up & owned by the ROTHSCHILDS family. Save your money. It’s a complete waste of time, money & efforts.

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