18650 cells being charged via solar using PIP2424MSX on my DIYPowerwall

18650 cells being charged via solar using PIP2424MSX on my DIYPowerwall

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Using my PIP2424MSX MPP Solar inverter I’m charging my 18650 DIY Battery bank for the first time.

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  1. These cells have about 500 cycles (ch/dch). Do you replace them every 1.5 years? Thats got to be expensive…

  2. This would freak me out to have that battery bank indoors all the time . I would put them in a container outside and put a wifi fire alarm inside the container lol you got balls

  3. did you know of a charger with a input of around 190VDC, I have this big voltage because my solar panels are about 150 foot away.

  4. How does this inverter charge the batteries? Does it hold a steady current for most of the charge then hold a fixed voltage as the last part of the charging process tops up the li-on cells? Does it have it's own BMS or did you have to fit an extra BMS? Is it not difficult to balance so many 18650 cells?

  5. just a quick question the lg 18650 battery from ebay (Lithium Ion ICR18650 MF1 2150mAh ) 20x cells each cell is 2150 ah. The spec sheet says Max. Charge Current 1.0C(2,150mA). So when you have this pack 36v 10s 2p what is the maximum ah current can you charge it 2ah 42v current or 2ah current x 20 cells ~ 40 ah current at 42v. Now if you have 3x 10s 2p in parallel which is 36v 12.12 ah what is the maximum ah current you can charge thats 60 cells is it 60 cells at 2ah current which is 120 ah current for 60 cells or just 2 ah for 60 cells using cccv charger
    Thank you very much

  6. You placing a metal cased laptop on top of a battery pack that size makes me extremely nervous. Please don't use your battery for a resting place for ANYTHING. I can't imagine the bad result of a short from a pack that size, much less watching that much lithium igniting.

  7. So a small battery charger 2amp want work I don't have solar panels am just gonna use them as if my power goes off for a hour or two

  8. hello sir love from india 🙂
    i just needed some help im trying to build an electric scooter with lithium batttery pack how many cells would i need to power a 1000 watt motor? and will a 1000 watt motor be enough to reach aspped of 50-60 kmph

  9. am i missing something here ,or is this something you will need to babysit 24-7 ? will you even be able to run a load while charging ,or will it to be disconnected for charging like a bike or an RC car/plane. another bummer is you have a billion small batteries and when one needs replacing, it's an all day job of soldering and hoping you don't get zapped or start a fire. do they make a battery case that size, which can just be opened up to replace abab cell ?

  10. i am having a problem with a pip 2424 inverter it only show me that the battery is at 40% even when the battery volts s up hight to 28.2 plesae help me

  11. Ouh, first of all I hope your fire insurrance still covers you despite this setup !

    I see two risk factors here:

    1: parallel and serial coupling of Li-Ion batteries without cell ballancing, will most likely end in a massive fire/explosion, it's just a matter of time.

    2: Using such an unstable product like the MPP Solar series of inverters.

    I have 2 of the MPP Solar inverters which have even destroyed my 150Ah 12V batteries, apart from themselves going bezerk after less than one year of operation, and I have given up intirely on MPP Solar "product support", which instead should be named something I am not allowed to write here.

    They just ended up ignoring my emails, when I did not opt. for buying new Mainboards at my own cost.

    So make sure you install this in a good distance from your house, preferably in a litlle shed some 20 meters from all other buildings, otherwise I fear you are in for some very nasty surprise and economic disaster.

    Just a piece of advice, friend.


  12. so your panels, connect directly to the solar charge controller, controller its mppt and type of battery set was it gel? , and the charger connects directly to the battery cells without unbalancing them?

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