$13 Harbor Freight Solar Battery Charger.

 Harbor Freight Solar Battery Charger. The freakin thing WORKS!!

Harbor Freight Solar Battery Charger.

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  1. If I owned that truck, it would never give me a problem. After watching this video, I see that you made that truck bad because you are just slow. I feel bad for your truck, it diserves better.

  2. I would say you need a new battery, 1,000 Cranking Amps. And the Ford looks like it's from the 70s, those are the good trucks. If it is a 70s model year, I would never get rid of it.

  3. the model with the led – that led was drawing from the output — – lower output just for a blinking light… is it worth it… not for me I removed it.

  4. At least you have a decent meter. I have bought several of these panels and they are junk. The LED indicator uses about half the power that panel can put out in decent direct sunlight. On a good note, the panel is rated at 1.5 watts, this in absolutely perfect conditions. So using the simple formula : watts = volts x amps…. at 12 volts it should put out .125 amps, which again, is in the best conditions. Figure about half of that for anything you're planning to do with it. And if you didn't cut the internal LED out of the circuit, you might get .030 to .055 amps out of it, that's not even enough to charge a cell phone, much less… a vehicle battery

  5. I put up this video to see if I could get a realistic review of this. Instead what I vomited thru was someone who is too fucking cheap to admit the battery is fucking shot…period. I don't care if this was a god damn ford or whatever or how old the vehicle is. I have a truck that sits for months on end with all the damn electronic shit and it will start right up because the battery is decent. If there is something draining your battery, the damn truck needs attention and fixed. Not duct taping a hundred chargers on the roof of the truck to charge the battery. Who are you trying to shit. I was a mechanic far too many years. What I wanted to watch was a real good review, not someone who is in denial the battery is shot. God damn, people like do this for money from this. I don't subscribed at all because of this. Next time try doing a review on a battery that's worth it. I did buy one of these and it did charge up my lawn tractors and TT because they all have decent batteries.

  6. Need to charge battery to 100% and take your battery to have checked at auto parts store load tested. If bad replace battery but you might have to check parsitic drain old school method with a test light in series by disconnecting negative cable and install test light in between post and cable end. If it lights you have a drain. Start by removing fuses one by one until light turns off. Look for what load items are used by that fuse and disconnect one by one until light turns off. Hope this helps you or others.

  7. Screw all these rude comments,I love THIS video!Im looking for really small portable solar chargers,panels( everything)due to the Nov 4th EMP threat.All of Your large setups would be worthless after am EMP.Im buying everything Solar that will fit into an EMP proof Microwave oven or modified metal garbage cans,etc..Do We need to put diodes on these n stuff like that?Anyone?Thanks so much for posting 116!

  8. I know the cig lighter has to remain 'Hot' when the ignition is off. Some cars don't have this option and the cig lighter outlet only turns on when the ignition is on. This is the only way the solar charger will charge the battery when ignition is off. So does the cig lighter stay on when the truck is off?

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